The Best is Never Over

The Best is Never Over

When my aunt (my mother’s sister) was terminally ill with cancer, my mother found little things would help her – she had a framed poem in the hall – I thought it was a Patience Strong poem but when I looked it up the author is unknown.  I learned it off my heart:

The best is never over,
the best has never gone;
there’s always something lovely
to keep you struggling on.

There’s a compensation
for every cross you bear,
a secret consolation
is hidden somewhere.

Ends are new beginnings
as one day you will see;
the best is never over,
the best is yet to be.

The best doesn’t have to be something big, it can be something really simple. Finding something beautiful in every day is vital to our well-being.  To stand in the fresh air, touch a flower, admire the colours of a butterfly, feel the breeze touch your hair, savour the scent of honeysuckle, listen to a robin sing, everyone can enjoy moments like these and we should – every day.

Barbara RainfordThe Best is Never Over