One Day at a Time

One day at a time
When we were fostering – we looked after 4 sisters as well as our own three boys – there was just no time to think and every morning I woke up singing the words of the same song: “One day at a time sweet Jesus…” because I just couldn’t think about everything I had to do tomorrow, I had to focus on the next task, getting everyone off to school, getting to all the meetings on time, the shopping, the washing, it was endless – but we got through it – somehow.

You need to ask for help when you need it, not try and battle through on your own. And you need just a little bit of time to yourself each day. That ‘me time’ even if it’s only a few minutes drinking a cup of tea sitting outside listening to the birds, can be the difference between coping and utter despair.

Caring is a tireless task, whether it’s looking after your own children, foster children or elderly relatives. People who are unwell sometimes do not realise the burden they place on their relatives and caring can be a thankless job. Someone pointed out that God really had it in for women – having to cope with teenage children, elderly parents and the menopause all at the same time!

Barbara RainfordOne Day at a Time