Meditation – Relaxation Chakra

Meditation – relaxation chakra


If you wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep (usually between 3 and 4 in the morning) then you can use the time to practise some relaxation techniques.  One that will often send you back to sleep is imagining the chakra colours as flowers opening and closing and focusing on each chakra location in your body:


Red – is the base of the spine –think of a poppy – the bud swelling and pushing off the little cap, then opening into a brilliant flower – and before the petals fade and drop, it closes again and the cap pops back on again.


Orange is located just below the navel.  Imagine a peach/orange rosebud opening into a beautiful rose with a delicate fragrance, then closing back into a rosebud again


Yellow is the solar plexus and stomach – think of a daffodil changing from a bud into dancing petals, then closing into a bud again

SM fern

Green is the heart and there aren’t many green flowers so imagine a fern unfurling and then curling up again

SM bluebell

Blue is the throat – a bluebell changing from a pale blue bud into a brilliant blue flower then curling up again back into a bud


Indigo is the third eye – the middle of the forehead and is a deep blue/black tulip, the bud slowly opening, the petals unfurling then closing again into a tight bud.


Violet is the crown – the top of the head and is a tiny violet opening and closing.

You will often find you have dropped off to sleep before you’ve reached blue.  If you haven’t it’s probably just as well to get up and make a cup of tea and read a book for a while!

Barbara RainfordMeditation – Relaxation Chakra