Here at Meditational State we take take such pride in delivering only the purest and most uniquely elegant frequencies and sounds to our audiences. Our dedicated team of audiological experts await your suggestions for Meditation Videos on the following form so that we may continue to deliver only the best and most eagerly awaited techniques to our loyal fan-base from all over the world.

  • Vince1958

    My request is to find other things besides sound therapy to help overcome 20 years of not being able tom fall asleep without a sleeping pill. Also to experience happiness as I strive towards my goals,when all I do is get distracted Like an ADD feeling but all the time!.Is electrical brain stimulation such as the “fisher Wallace” device worth looking into?

  • Shoshi

    I have essential tremor. What brainwaves would you suggest for me?

  • Bill

    Is there a significant difference between listening to MP3 files compared to YouTube files? And then the same question regarding ear buds and high quality headphones?

  • Alana Johnston

    I work with energy healing I would love a video made to help release old pain from the sunconscious as well as one that will help hold the new energy in place.

    • wdf

      hi,im david,i think its great your able help people im many ways. i myself would love the opportunity to have you & your powers help my alements. Kindly let me kmow. [email protected] Thank you very much taking the time here and too everywhere for all.

  • K Braco

    On your YouTube channel, you used to have a video posted, similar to “TELEKINESIS MEDITATION TECHNIQUE: Pineal Gland Activation”. This former video really worked for me, i really felt the frequency waves all over my body. Now this new version has bits and pieces, and is not doing anything. Can you reupload the “old version” ?

  • K Braco

    Also, can i do the same with my “frequency Generator” app? Wat is the right frequency for the pineal? And solar plexus?

  • alejandrasuarez999

    Hi there! I am so interested in the video published in Youtube under the name Detox your pineal gland (decalcify). I think the URL is I would like to buy a copy (mp3 format preferred so I can play it without internet connection). Would you kindly let me know where and how I can buy it? My email to send me the buying instructions are: [email protected]. Thank you! Alejandra.

  • Carlo Mea

    Hi, I would like to buy the mp3 of this video

    Can you send me payment info to my email?

    [email protected]

    Thank you!

    • June

      Hello, I am also interested in purchasing an MP3. Any news?

  • phyllis brown

    Do you have the sound track for Detox your pineal gland (The one below)for sale as am mp3? my email address is [email protected].
    Love the vibration of this track.

  • ActivePulse

    Dear meditationalstate,
    my name is Matthias from germany.
    At first thank’s so much for your engagement!!!

    I’am a hypnotherapist and I feel your pure theta waves are a verry good and effective meditation.
    We have the same wish and vision, to make the world a better place and helping people to fulfill their capabilities (find yourself for self-realization).
    Now my wish:
    I would like to offer meditationalstate a cooperation for combine “Cosmic Theta Waves” with my hypnosis.
    So it’s an effective combination about Cosmic Theta Waves and hypnosis.
    my mail is [email protected]
    hope to hear you soon,
    Kind regards,

    • Rick Moskow

      I just found your message … still interested?

  • Kristy Maczko

    Question, I listen to your 6 hour delta waves and binaural combined for sleep, and I absolutely love it. Is it available for purchase? Or download?

  • Damon Harrison

    Where do I find music for licensing purchase to use for my own projects? Please help!

  • M Drexe

    Hi there! Is there somewhere I can download the 98.7 proven soundtrack so I can take it on the plane with me?!? Please and thank you. I LOVE it. Blessings dear one!!!

  • Is it possible to use the audio from your Pure Theta Waves meditation as the background on a guided meditation? Thank you.

    • Rikki

      Hi Kris … It seems that you’re trying to strike up a conversation with someone having the same mindset as you. … I like where you’re at and feel that your objective goes far beyond getting an answer that you already know …. I’ve been involved in the APPLICATION of quantum principles for the purpose of consciousness expansion for sometime ….. That is what I like to discuss …. I’d like to know what your objectives are and why they are important to you … You can reach me @ [email protected] … hope to hear from you … checked out your links and they made me smile …. Rick

  • Jacques

    I saw the movies Limitless and Lucy. I am not a greedy person but I want to be able to exceed beyond the normal use of my brain. I want both my right and left to work together at it’s full capacity. What do you suggest?

    • Rick Moskow

      Go to “The Monroe Institute” and purchase their “Wave 1 program”. It’s a hemispheric synchronization program for out of the body experiences. Hemi-Sync for short. It will get you wherever you want to go. This is the most professional place of it’s type. Go there … read about everything … and have many happy journeys ahead.

  • Carlo Mea

    I’d like to buy your 1 hour track to detox the pienal gland. Where can I buy it?

    • Rick Moskow

      you don’t have to buy it … this meditation has awesome power …. you can find it on youtube …
      Bentinno Massaro (Third Eye Meditation – Activate The Pineal Gland) … let me know how it worked for you ..

      • Carlo Mea

        the one that I was looking for is this one
        but on youtube it has some scratchy sounds now and then, so I wanted to buy the original one. Do you know where can I buy it?

      • Carlo Mea

        Yes, but in youtube it has some flaws, I would like to buy the original mp3, how can I do it?

  • Joachim

    Hello, where could I find a short video/music track (no longer than 30 minutes) to induce lucid dreams on your website and/or on your ITunes page? Thank you!

  • écrason hérissé

    Is it possible to post a small video with decreasing healing/cleansing Chakra?
    Going from the Crown to the Root?
    This would be nice of you.
    Kind Regards,

  • Anne HRYNKIW

    Rick, I really hope you read this and respond. I suffer from severe Chronic Pain due to Fibromyalgia, Degenerative disc disease, Sciatica, Tarlov Cyst lower Spine, Severe spasm, also suffer from negative thoughts, Anxiety, Fear and Depression. Really need your help. I’m on several medications: Thyroid, Premarin ( total hysterectomy), Acid Reflux, Anxiety, Pain Meds. I don’t know where to turn. Hope you can help. Is there a type of Gamma,Sublminal, Affirmations, Binaural, Isotonic,Solfeggio or Hynosis Music that can lift me up out of crying and feeling down daily filled with Fear and Endless Negative Thoughts. Nothing helps and I don’t want another Pill!!! Please help. Anne H.

  • Aiyar Narasimhan

    Are these methods verified and tested.

  • Isabel Sanchez-Munoz

    Hello, I have a question about a video in youtube create I think by think by you or someone member in here. This is the video, It had a low pitched voice, why the put that subliminal voices. That not funny for anyone and that is not the right way to contact or to cross the multi universe.

  • Manfred Eder

    hello, pleas help me 😉
    i have a question. on youtube exists a video of pure delta
    i would like to use this sound for my mediations cd.
    Is this possible or do i need rights?

    lovely manfred