Dealing with Depression

Dealing with Depression

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When you are depressed, you think you are the only person in the world who is suffering. For some reason, it never occurs to you that there are other people feeling just the same – or worse – and also that most people have suffered from depression of some sort at some time in their lives. It’s how we deal with it that matters. We can either let it overwhelm us or we can take charge.

At a recent breakfast meeting at Shrewsbury Town Football Club, Micky Mellon, Shrewsbury Town Manager, was asked how he motivates himself when he wakes up on a dismal Monday morning having lost a match at the weekend. Micky said: “I’m determined that I’m going to be happy; I control my own thoughts, I am in charge of how I think and how I feel and I don’t like feeling unhappy.”

If you find you really can’t get out of that rut, if day after day you wake up just wanting to pull the bedclothes over your head and shut the world out, then you should seek help – there really are an awful lot of people who have been in the same situation – and have got through it – but not all of them have done it on their own and there is a lot of help available to show you the way. Many of the people who have found a way now help other people. In this blog I will be looking at different ways people have conquered depression. As Churchill said: “If you’re going through hell … keep going.”

Barbara RainfordDealing with Depression