Yesterday I felt on Top of the World

Yesterday I felt on top of the world, the sun was shining, I went out to feed the hens and the rabbits, had an egg for breakfast – from one of my own hens – and watched the sparrows on the bird table.  My glass wasn’t just half full, it was brimming over.


Today, the sun is still shining but I feel like my glass is totally empty, just getting out of bed and cleaning my teeth was a mammoth effort.

Nothing has changed, I am still the same person I was yesterday, the sun is still shining, I have lots of blessings I can count – the only thing that has changed is my perception of the world – it’s all in my head.  It’s like cleaning your teeth – if you see it as a chore every day, it’s an effort, if you enjoy the really clean fresh feel of your mouth then it’s a pleasure!

So why do a feel miserable today?  No idea – so I’ve made a list of positive things I can do today – and once I start on one of them, I’ll be OK.  It’s just taking that first step.  Positive websites always help me – beautiful pictures, inspiring quotes, other people’s stories.  There is always something you can do to help yourself.

There’s a poem that says:

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

If there is something that is really getting you down, you can either decide to ignore it or take steps to change it.  Living with teenagers can be really challenging – there was a book in a therapist’s waiting room about it – one excellent piece of advice I picked up:  the communal rooms in the house need to be tidy – you see them all the time – teenagers rooms don’t – you can just shut the door on them and forget about the mess the other side.  It’s not your responsibility – the rest of the house is – so insist they put their stuff in their room and shut the door on it. (You can’t change the state of their room – but you can change not having to look at it.)  Put a vase of wild flowers on the table and forget about it.  Sooner, or later, they are bound to ask for some help clearing up their room – well maybe!

God really had it in for women – he gave them teenagers, elderly parents – and the menopause – all at the same time.  Sometimes you can feel really down just coping day to day but there’s always a little bit of sunlight in every day, some beautiful moment – and laughter is often the best medicine!

Teenagers, Tired of being harassed by your stupid parents? ACT NOW! Move out, Get a job, Pay your own bills. Do it while you still know everything!



Barbara RainfordYesterday I felt on Top of the World