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Commerical License Updated 2023, 1st Nov


You CANNOT use our commercial music for commercial purposes UNLESS you have paid for the track(s) in question and can provide full proof of doing so (receipt will be emailed to you upon payment). This therefore excludes commercial rights when downloaded using coupon codes or any other purposes other than a valid payment method. Furthermore, if you are using a coupon code (if you have downloaded this track for free), then the following Licence Agreement is also INVALID. The license agreement therein is ONLY valid for paying clients.


This license agreement (hereafter referred to as the “AGREEMENT”) is made between the Licensor, Meditational State, (hereafter referred to as the “LICENSOR”) and the Licensee – being the Commercial Purchaser of the musical compositions (hereafter referred to as the “LICENSEE”), in regards to the musical compositions embodied in the WORK (hereafter referred to as the “WORK”) on the date the WORK is purchased.


The LICENSOR guarantees that it owns and controls the rights represented herein with respect to the recordings and the musical compositions in the WORK and has and will hold throughout the TERRITORY and during the DURATION the above listed rights to exploit the WORK as contemplated herein.


The mechanical, synchronization, and performance rights granted to the LICENSEE within the AGREEMENT include the right to re-record, duplicate and release the WORK as part of a production, public viewing or broadcast of a production including websites, videos and podcasts. The LICENSOR grants the LICENSEE an exclusive perpetual license to use the WORK herein. However, the LICENSEE (upon purchasing the commercial track) cannot sell the original unmodified track(s) in its entirety on music platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music & iTunes etc. This is only valid if the LICENSEE adds originality to the composition (for example using our audio tracks as a backing track with a speaker / voiceover artist as the focal point).


The rights granted to the LICENSEE do not permit the LICENSEE to (1) claim authorship of the music represented under this AGREEMENT; (2) transfer, share or sub-lease this license agreement with any other party; (3) permit any other individual or third party the right to use the WORK in place of the LICENSEE; (4) The LICENSEE cannot ‘Distribute to YouTube Music’ or sell via YouTube when releasing material to multiple online stores through distribution companies such as CD Baby, Tunecore & Distrokid etc. Otherwise, this may cause conflicting copyright issues and your work may eventually be removed from various platforms.


The territory of this contract is the entire universe.


The LICENSEE is not required to credit the WORK to the composer, publisher, or LICENSOR in the LICENSEE’s productions (in liner notes, rolling credits, verbal acknowledgment, etc.)


The term of the contract is effective on the date of purchase of the WORK as seen on website.

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