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ᴴᴰ ZEN Meditation Technique (3 Hours): for Deep Spiritual Enlightenment



Zen meditation is considered an “open-monitoring meditation,” where monitoring skills are used. These monitoring skills are transformed into a state of reflexive awareness with a broad scope of attention and without focusing on one specific object.

Zen meditation is similar to mindfulness in that it’s about focusing on the presence of mind. However, mindfulness focuses on a specific object, and Zen meditation involves general awareness.

Unlike loving-kindness and compassion meditation, which focuses on cultivating compassion, or mantra meditation, which involves the recitation of a mantra, Zen meditation involves increased awareness of the ongoing physical and self-referential processes.

Individuals who practice Zen meditation attempt to expand their attentional scope to incorporate the flow of perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and subjective awareness.

Listen to this audio track as much as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Headphones are generally advised when listening to meditation music to avoid distractions – but not essential.

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