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(COMMERCIAL) Activate 3rd Eye in 8 Minutes (Headphones Required)



(Only for commercial use)

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“At 29 seconds you will hear the first wave (THETA) which via your ears forms a ‘gateway’ to your pineal gland, followed by a second wave (DELTA) at 58 seconds aimed at stimulating the pineal gland. This pattern occurs over and over throughout the audio track.”

This particular technique using both Theta and Delta waves to awaken / develop the pineal gland has not previously been tested. However this is where Meditational State differs from other Meditation Channels, we are prepared to release our tracks to YOU the public, free of charge for TRUE feedback, avoiding conventional protocols and avoiding ‘controlled testing’, but relying on REAL people like you to help us with our findings and development. We have taken 6 months (alongside other soundtrack developments) to work effortlessly on this very carefully developed track and full credit goes to our audio technical team who work behind the scenes in making this possible, they really don’t get the credit they deserve! There is a substantial amount of scientific research that has gone into Theta / Delta waves and pineal gland (3rd eye chakra) stimulation frequencies and so here we have combined both! Have we stumbled on the true frequency at unlocking the pineal gland? You tell us; because we need your feedback which will be vital in developing future tracks similar to the one you are about to hear.

Listen to this audio track as much as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Headphones are essential for this track.

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