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(COMMERCIAL) Indian Hindu Meditation Music: Dhyaan ध्यान For Spiritual Awakening! (Raja Yoga, Pranayama)



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The seven factors of awakening are closely related to the practice of dhyana, resembling the various factors that are part of the four dhyanas.

In meditation everyone most likely experiences two of the five hindrances (Pāli: pañca nīvaraṇāni). They are sloth and torpor (Pāli: thīna-middha), which is half-hearted action with little or no collectedness, and restlessness and worry (uddhacca-kukkucca), which is the inability to calm the mind.[citation needed]

It is recommended that joy or rapture, investigation, and energy are to be developed when experiencing sloth and torpor. Relaxation, concentration, and equanimity are to be developed when experiencing restlessness or worry. Mindfulness should be constantly present to remain aware of physical change as well as mental change in either skillful or unskillful direction. Mindfulness (sati, Sanskrit smrti). To maintain awareness of reality (dharma).

Investigation of the nature of reality (dhamma vicaya, Skt. dharmapravicaya).
Energy (viriya, Skt. vīrya) also determination, effort
Joy or rapture (pīti, Skt. prīti). Relaxation or tranquility (passaddhi, Skt. prashrabdhi) of both body and mind. Concentration, (samādhi) a calm, one-pointed state of mind, or clear awareness: Equanimity.

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Listen to this audio track as much as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Headphones are generally advised when listening to meditation music to avoid distractions – but not essential.

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