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(COMMERCIAL) PINK Noise 8 Hours (100% PURE)



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Several studies on pink noise have shown that sleeping with it can also improve short and long term memory. In one study, published in Neuron (1) in 2013, researchers synced pink noise with participants’ brainwaves, so that it played when their brain activity registered deep sleep. Compared with no noise, the pink noise corresponded with a longer duration of deep sleep. Not only did they sleep better but they were also able to recall almost twice as many word pairs shown to them the previous night.

Pink noise is similar to white noise however it differs in terms of how it’s spectrum more closely replicates a calming sensation in the mind. While it’s similar to white noise in that they’re both nondescript sounds that help lull you to sleep, pink noise’s high and low frequencies mimic more natural sounds such as rain or ocean waves.

In audio engineering and physics the color of noise refers to the power spectrum of a noise signal.

Listen to this audio track as much as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Headphones are generally advised when listening to meditation music to avoid distractions – but not essential.

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