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(COMMERCIAL) Sleep Music: Cleanse your mind as you sleep (8 hours)



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You’ve probably already noticed that when you skimp on sleep, it shows on your face.

“Lack of sleep causes blood vessels to dilate, causing the look of dark circles,” says dermatologist Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD, of the University of California, San Francisco. Sleepily rubbing your eyes doesn’t help those dark rings.

Not enough sleep can also make you more stressed, and everyone can see that tension. “It makes you look angry, tired, sad, and certainly older,” says New York City dermatologist Doris Day, MD.

If you’re up late drinking and smoking, that’s more bad news for your skin. Alcohol affects sleep quality, leaving bags under your eyes. Smoking leads to premature wrinkles.

That can all start changing the next time you slip between the sheets. Close your eyes, drift away with this soundtrack playing and look forward to seeing and feeling a new you in the morning.

Listen to this track as much or as little as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a settled position. We always recommend using headphones for optimal results, however this is not essential.

Please note: ALWAYS consult your GP first before trying to cure any medical problems (including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, phobias or any other cognitive – or physically related illnesses) with an alternative.

~ Peace & Love ~

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