• Dinesh Prasad singh

    Is it really possible to hear your this sound up to a week will open my third eye…!

  • David Hathaway

    Thank you for your video it is very inspiring and uplifting. Keep up the great work!

  • Bob Hannan

    Would love to discuss your work in conjunction with my work in higher brain living a 22 step system that energizes the pre frontal cortex and allows all other modalities exponential impact and integration within our bodies and mind because the system is on and running vs idel. Body Basics Wellness Center Chicago Illinois . [email protected]

  • argile

    you search for truth, a away. life is a reflection of creation, all things ,all are reflections. good / bad ,,,god / man , anger / happy, everything. nothing can survive on its own, although reflection seem binary they are one. Because they can not exist on there own not even god not even man. spiritual / physical. imbalances of suffering anxiety , hardship etc,,is from lack of realization using visualization to manifest or dwell on one side of the reflection. here is the good news seek god, god is not in a book or a church it is inside you, we are one with the universe, we are the same, creation. you live your life’s as sheep in darkness, the spirit of god is the light, the prayer, is our foundation, many times in despair to return to gather our purpose to become one with god again. Jesus purpose showed us, want the churches are not able to give us or disclose, it is ascension to higher intellect, purpose, love of nature and of god, always striving for more knowledge. example: the greatest feat of mankind is? wrong, it is the awakening of Hellen Keller, ascension. Jesus ascension is the premise in spiritual in nature, Hellen is physical, again one can not survive without the other. ascension- spiritual / physical, here lye’s,,your purpose to be one with god, with nature, with the universe where your problems will be put into there proper perspective.
    what if I told you that you can get a glimpse of heaven, of your pass loved one, would you say I am crazy , rhetorical. what if I told you your true past has been erased ,hidden by mans church, you wander in darkness, seek the light it is inside you, but you live in a box of sheep by shepherds of the church. the universe is inside you, seek inside you all answers are here.
    I have shown you the door, seek and you will find, not in absolution but incrementally, you will grow.,I can not disclose any more to you, live your life as / ,,,remember this always to return to the rudimentary creation,= god, pray, reflection,, one can not survive without the other,,, they are the same, combine the physical with the spiritual,,, with tools,,,,,Thoth is your teacher. for those of you who have read this ,,your journey begins, now. question enter, questions answered, you are on your path,,processive in nature, never to dwell again. this is our purpose. perdition is close. nothing survives on its own,, not even man. it is all inside you but know about Jesus, the ascension { awaken} awaits you,
    personal note, I have ascended. If I take every feeling of happiness every relation with a woman and combined it into one atom to reflect upon my ascension{awakening} it could not hold one grain of salt. this awaits you, but it is just your beginning, awaken sheep, you are being led to your death by your shepard,,mans churches.

  • argile

    I would like to thank you for your imperative window,,. problems remain at our feet not in a quandary ,a maze, of choices of resolve. they are rocks. we are the water, be water. be the / in reflection.

  • Mark

    Why do you hide your face in the glare of the sunlight?

  • jillynoodle

    There was a meditation video that you posted on YouTube that was one of my absolute favorites and I was so sad to see it isn’t there anymore. I’m sorry I do not remember the exact same of it but the cover of the video was black and orange / yellow maybe swirl abstract design from what I can recall. Is there a chance you may repost this one? Thank you for all you do I love your videos. 🙂

  • Carlo Mea

    hello, how can I buy the track ‘detox your pineal gland 1 hour’?