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Meditation – The Butterfly Effect

There are lots of reasons why people meditate – anxiety, insomnia, stress relief – and there are lots of benefits – it  lowers blood pressure, produces an increased sense of wellbeing, increased focus, better memory, self-awareness, for inspiration, – and, without doubt, everyone feels calmer and happier after even a short time.

Meditation often conjures up an image of someone sitting in the lotus position with their eyes closed – but this is simply one way of meditating.  Optimum benefit is achieved by sitting quietly listening to the right sort of relaxing music for a lengthy period of time, but even short interludes of calming music whilst doing other things – cooking, cleaning – even driving – can be beneficial.

Over the last very strange 18 months, many of us have found just being outside in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, has been very beneficial.  Just walking  in the sunshine increases our sense of wellbeing.  So does dancing in the rain if you are brave enough to do it!  Just sitting on a park bench with headphones listening to calming music and watching the world go by is a form of meditation.

Standing in front of a waterfall, feeling the spray a mist on your face, water has a music all of its own, sometimes a peacefully gliding river, or it can be a roaring torrent dashing over the rocks.

Butterflies, fluttering over a purple buddleia bush, daintily tiptoeing from flower to flower can be mesmerising, calming, the beauty of nature, the colours and patterns on wings, reds and greens and oranges, all dancing to nature’s tune.

The Butterfly Effect: Flute,  pad, percussion, piano, guitar and love – ALL in one soundtrack


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