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(COMMERCIAL) Incredible Time Travel Technique: Meditation Video



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“We are so close here. If we believe that an out of body experience is possible, as so many thousands claim it is through practise, then we are indeed at that precise time in the realm of the timeless universe itself thus able to access other dimensions unseen to the naked eye.” This being said once an OBE is achieved the frequencies in this video may help trigger the mind into a spiritual awakening with boundless possibilities which may begin with ‘remote viewing’.

The frequencies in this video are none other than powerful, profound and unmistakably unique. The big question is: Is time travel possible?

This is where we need your answers from your experiences of listening to this video in the comments section below. The audio track in this video uses finely tuned, precise binaural frequencies designed to access and open parts of the mind which to date have been ‘locked’.

However, “Remote viewing through ‘wormholes’ as such – either overlooking the past or moving into the future will be all that can be achieved at this moment in time and we utterly want the introduction of this track to be the proof of that, we will not be able to ‘interact with the past and thus change the future’ because in order to move the physical body we need to create a rotating magnetic field with electrical pulses of mass moving energy, which would then in turn need to be fed by a frequency of the calibre found in this audio track. Will this track enable us to ‘Remote view, move the mind and even peer into the future’? With over two years of tireless dedicated work we certainly hope so.”

Listen to this track as much or as little as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a settled position. We always recommend using headphones for optimal results, however this is not essential.

Please note: ALWAYS consult your GP first before trying to cure any medical problems (including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, phobias or any other cognitive – or physically related illnesses) with an alternative.

~ Peace & Love ~

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