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(COMMERCIAL) OPEN 3rd Eye in 6 Minutes: STRONG Frequencies for Third Eye (Ajna Chakra)



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“What an astounding accomplishment – again a soundtrack that goes above and beyond anything out there.”

Here you will notice a truly beautiful aura of sounds circling you (best results with headphones) that stimulate all nerves and cells within close proximity of your 3rd eye (pineal gland). You may notice a humming / vibrating feeling coming from your third eye which is completely normal, this is simply the results from the delicate yet powerful frequencies used within the audio track. This vibrating feeling literally awakes the pineal gland from its sleeping state (unless you’re one of the few who has already awoken it) and gives you brand new potential to develop it further thus tapping into your minds true potential.

Listeners can expect a, ‘profound understanding of oneself, along with a deeper understanding of the world around them’. The mind can only be cleared once it understands itself and the space within, however this can take time, listening to this audio track once-a-day for a week should be sufficient in giving clear results. There are different parts of the brain the frequencies within the audio masking stimulate – the left, the right and the central cortex, the frontal lobe is also key here. That is why we recommend wearing headphones to achieve optimal results, the eyes must also be closed.

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Listen to this audio track as much as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Headphones are generally advised when listening to meditation music to avoid distractions – but not essential.

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