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ELIVA Guided Meditation Method for Stress, Anxiety, Sleep • 9Hz



“Many have tried The Silva Method but this new groundbreaking Eliva Method is somewhat astounding – a true masterpiece. If the instructions are followed accurately whilst listening at the beginning of the audio track anyone can achieve their goals and come away from this with full control of their thoughts and emotions in a 100% natural way. I can see it taking the world by storm.”


1. Whilst the track is playing do the following (immediately after you hear, let’s go home):
2. You may wish to practice now before the track begins.
3. Make sure you are sitting or lying in a comfortable position with your eyes closed.
4. With your eyes closed, look up and to the right (if you are left handed look up and to the left).
5. Take a deep breath.
6. As you exhale, mentally repeat and visualize the letter A, three times.
7. Take another deep breath.
8. As you exhale, mentally repeat and visualize the letter X, three times.
9. Take another deep breath.
10. As you exhale, mentally repeat and visualize the letter C, three times.
11. You have now accessed the Alpha brain state.
12. With your eyes still closed, look forward, slightly above eye level, and imagine yourself somewhere tranquil, calming and peaceful. You may wish to wander around this beautiful place and interact with its surroundings. Continue listening to the audio as you drift deeper into a meditational state, and enjoy the experience. You may wish to stop at any time before the end of the audio, the benefits will still be achieved.

At the end of this meditation, you will feel more relaxed, confident, healthier, positive and have a clear insight into how to achieve your ambitions.

Benefits of Eliva Method:

– Cure Insomnia and Sleep problems (if listening before bed)
– Boost your energy levels (if listening in the morning)
– Eliminate tension and migraine headaches
– Boost creativity and inspiration
– Eliminate stress, anxiety and depression
– Accelerate learning, and improve memory, focus and concentration
– Let go of negativity and become a positive and focused thinker
– Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence
– Awaken your body’s natural healing ability
– Activate and develop your intuition and creative solving abilities
– Learn to forgive and achieve happiness and inner peace
– Set and achieve goals with increased motivation

This self-help program developed exclusively by Meditational State is a simple but revolutionary meditation technique using guided NLP imagery methods with state of the art audio as it helps people eliminate negative thoughts by rewiring their subconscious mind. It is designed primarily in assisting people in realizing their full potential and achieving their objectives.

This unique track has been created using our Quantum Miracle Formula Frequency. This makes this audio very powerful and extremely effective in aiding and healing, the secret is the blend of these hertz when combined with our stunning harmonious soundtrack which lends itself beautifully to execute the perfect meditation soundtrack.

Meditation is one of the practices for achieving mental tranquility and increased awareness. There are many different styles of meditation, but the Eliva Method is truly innovative.

We recommend listening to this track for at least 30 minutes once a day for best results.

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Listen to this track as much or as little as you feel comfortable, either sitting or lying in a settled position. We always recommend using headphones for optimal results, however this isn’t always essential.

Please note: ALWAYS consult your GP first before trying to cure any medical problems (including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, phobias or any other cognitive – or physically related illnesses) with an alternative.

~ Peace & Love ~

© ‖ ℗ Meditational State

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