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Meditation – music therapy and pain relief

Meditation – music therapy and pain relief

Music is a powerful force – a familiar song has the power to transport us back in time to a place and a memory – we remember the words, the people who were with us – and what we were feeling at that time.  When you play music – or sing a song – music evokes emotions – it can make you feel happy – or sad – and it helps us unwind.

We all know that music can make us feel better – but can it really help relieve pain?  Research is ongoing but there are many examples of how music at certain frequencies can help relieve many symptoms.

We know that pain is associated with anxiety, depression and social isolation and that music impacts the brain in many ways.

Music has been scientifically proven to activate areas of the brain which regulate and inhibit pain.  This means that music can help the brain to control and reduce pain.

People who suffer from chronic pain often become disconnected from their bodies as a way of coping – music therapy helps people become more aware of their body enabling them to manage symptoms more effectively.

Music can be used as a distraction technique helping people focus on positive things and distracting the brain from dwelling on anxieties and negativity.

When we listen to music endorphins are released which interrupt pain signals, relieving pain and introducing a sense of wellbeing.  These endorphins work in a similar way to opioids, but without the side effects – essentially, they are natural painkillers.

This track is created with 528 binaural beats that generate deep penetrative healing, particularly focused on muscle pain.

“Thank you so much for this. I’ve had neck pain for months. One listen to this and my neck feels relaxed and pain free. I’ve not felt so at ease as I do now for a very long time. This is nothing short of miraculous.”


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