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How understanding how the brain works can help you to relax and be less anxious. This is the start of a series of Blogs about mental health.

Anxiety, lack of sleep, depressed?

When your mind is distressed – you know it can cause lack of sleep. Many people resort to watching YouTube videos to take their minds off any worries they might have. If you cannot sleep because your mind is in a constant loop or torment – then this can make the problems 10 times work than it is.

Counting sheep is not really a great solution. Taking pills or drugs (including alcohol) can create more problems that it solves.

Do you remember when you had a good nights sleep, how refreshed you felt??

Well you can get back on track and at least address your issues if you have a good nights sleep right? It is not the cure for everything and won’t take away your problems – but it will help you feel a little bit better and you might be able to cope with other issues.

What are the benefits??

Emotional well being.

Helps to develop relationships.

Reduces depression, stress and anxiety.

Helps with your immune system

Helps with mental health

Makes you smarter

Recharges your brain.

Boosts your creativity.

Our focus is emotional well being which should be top of everyones list for healthy relationships and a healthy quality of life. Mental exhaustion through lack of sleep is a mind killer.

Here is our remedy – its not perfect, but it works.

We will address other areas of mind health such as food, exercise and earthing (being close to nature) in later articles. We also will provide greater insights into how the brain works so you are fully informed and can take charge of your own mental health and well being. It’s a fantastic journey and guess what? There is not catch. It doesn’t cost you anything. The healthy mind and body will be self evident when you have had a good nights sleep.


Meditation is a good starting point – everyone’s techniques are different so you don’t need a mind guru to tell you how to meditate. Music has a role too, we all know how important music is to make us feel good.

The first mediation is for 10 minutes. It will gradually increase as you feel the benefits – believe or not this will help you to sleep later on in the night. Do not expect results straight away, but persevere. 10 Minutes everyday for one week.

You will start to think differently about life.

Sit or lie down, make sure your body is in a relaxed position.

Take 3 deep breaths – count 3 seconds for your to breathe in, then breathe out in 2 seconds. Repeat 3 times, and say to yourself (out loud or silently).

I am feeling relaxed – I know that my monkey brain will tell me to think of other things, like have I checked on that email I was going to send, or that person bothered me to today, why do I have to worry about this?

These are thoughts that will creep into your mind, but they will go our again. Imagine they are thoughts on a leaf on a stream – they will float on – you can watch them float away. It doesn’t matter if they come back on another leaf they will still float down stream away, far away….

These 10 minutes you will be battling to think about nothing – it is pretty much impossible the first few times, but don’t worry – your mind will wander ‘whats going on’ – but eventually it will be comfortable with what you are trying to do. After all you deserve to be happy. Right? This is the start of that journey – the start of your journey to get your life back together. Remember (keep repeating this to yourself “I deserve to be happy”. Repeat over and over – and think to yourself “this is why I am doing this, to be happy, at last”.

Don’t worry about the monkey brain – trying to distract you – this will happen a lot – just persevere. When you feel the benefits after the first week or so – you will want to extend it to 20 minutes a day – you may even have 2 sessions. When you feel the benefits of being in charge of your own well being – you can then help others.

The start of the this journey is about you taking charge of your own well being, once you have charge of your own life – you will not want to give your control of your happiness to anyone else. It will help to make your more content and even better take control of your entire life – just through simple mediation.

Before you go to bed – you may want to practice the 10 minute mediation exercise before you go sleep. The key thing is not to look at anything stimulating or take any caffeine or other drug, or food, or a game, or TV – one hour before you decide to go to bed.

John Rainford FRSA is a mentalist, an empath and a coach for charities such as the Samaritans, and for young and old all over the world. He coached the finalist and winner of Entrepreneur of the year for Ernst and Young and has worked to help individuals become the best at their game by helping them to improve their health, wealth and well being.

Here is some of the feedback. The people have given permission to use their names.

“A true paradigm shift. I now have a new perspective on how to tackle my demons. Thank you.” Liz Painter.

“The session had an impact on the way I think, from confidence building to pressing on with ideas that I believe will work, and how to tackle future barriers.” Adam Willoughby.

“You helped me to understand that with the right attitude, nothing is impossible, many thanks.” Sabah Ouaksar. 

“Mind opening, the world is at your feet, you just have to reach out in the right way, this course has changed my life.” Michael Graham.

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