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How can you learn to have a positive mindset??

woman relaxing in yoga mat

A more positive mindset can be learned, by accepting that you do not have control over your decision making. You are in effect looking at the wrong question. the question should be “how am I going to get control of my thoughts?” – the reality is – you get back what you focus on. If you focus on negative thoughts – your brain will quite happily give you an ever-ending loop of misery. Actually, it doesn’t care. It is only when you are partly awake that you might ask this question. Controlling your thoughts through self realisation and meditation is one way you might be able to adjust your thoughts to a positive mindset. It is not an overnight process, but if you persevere it will bring great rewards. then you might be asking a different question – how can I realise self actualisation. Good luck, the first step is the hardest. Start with Meditation – it will help you be in the ‘now moment’ and help you to wake up to your true potential.

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