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Meditation – Music Therapy

music therapy

Meditation – Music Therapy

music therapy

Music therapy has been described as: music-based experiences to enhance human functioning including cognitive, academic, emotional, psychological, behavioural, communicative, social, physiological, sensory, motor, pain, neurological, spiritual, and aesthetic.”

Music therapy is beneficial for all individuals, both physically and mentally, it’s calming, it reduces anxiety, heals bad memories, relieves depression, reduces Alzheimer’s disease, improves heart rate, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the brain – and our listeners are telling us of lots of other ways that our tracks help them – providing relief from things like headaches, chronic pain, non-epileptic seizures, tinnitus, insomnia – and depression.

There is very little scientific proof of just how music helps so we ask our listeners to tell us – so our tracks can help other people – here are just a few examples of what our subscribers say – particularly about the 40 Hz tracks:

“I love the way you say ‘Let’s go home’ at the beginning of all your audios.  Feels like a snuggly rug wrapped around me. Thank you for all you do in bringing such a beautiful and enjoyable experience to your listeners.  Your work is shifting the world into an even more peaceful state.”❤️

“I have had four years of absolute turmoil.  Listening to this has given me a little peace.  Thank you.” ❤️

“I have severe episodes of tinnitus, like a thousand drums on my head and while listening to this frequency the intensity started to fade away and the buzzing became slower until it almost disappeared.  I could recover from long hours of agony.  I do not know how to thank you enough.” ❤️

“Yesterday I was in the middle of an extreme anxiety attack and I happened to tumble over this track, I felt immediate partial relief and calm from listening. It is like my brain enjoyed drinking these sounds, thank you for all the wonderful help.”

“My subconscious is healing my conscious mind – I use your theta wave too before bed – I’ve been in mental hospitals a few times but now I’m stronger mentally and from your EMDR frequency many years ago. Thank you.”

“I love this track!  I have a lot to heal and I’m on my way.  I have no doubt this will help.  I actually find this quite freeing.  It helps me focus while writing which is very strange for me as I’ve always needed complete silence to focus.  I wrote for 4 hours straight through with this track.  Couldn’t believe it.  Thank you for your beautiful work.”

“This music is an absolute divine blessing.  My husband hasn’t walked in about 14 years and is in total pain constantly.  The doctors say that he is in a rare person in society that receives no help from pain medications.  He just finished his first ‘treatment’, so to speak, from this recording and told me that his mind and body are the most relaxed that they have been in quite some time.  Thank you so much.”

“I have unspecified anxiety disorder and rely on taking meds to fight this.  They make me cloudy and confused, irrational.  This has helped TREMENDOUSLY, I’m reaching for my pills less and less. I’m so happy I came across this.  Thank you, you have no idea how important this is to me.  Keep creating.” ❤️

“Heal MULTIPLE Disorders Whilst you Listen! 40 Hz Quantum Miracle Formula”

Studies show that this audio track will affect brain pathology, in particular the frontal cortex, the therapeutic benefits of 40 hz is being widely acclaimed as a miracle healer, now you can try it for yourself.  If you can hear the subtle continuous ‘cricket’ sound – congratulations, this means it’s working!

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