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MEDITATION – MUSIC THERAPY for pets – relieving stress and aiding relaxation


MEDITATION – MUSIC THERAPY for pets – relieving stress and aiding relaxation


Many people who suffer from anxiety (and some who don’t normally suffer from anxiety!) find the loud bangs associated with many fireworks really stressful – and pets can also suffer during the ‘firework season’ – especially Bonfire night in the UK and Thanksgiving and New Year celebrations.

The effect of calming music is still not fully understood but, in both human and animal studies, it has been discovered that the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the blood drops as a result of hearing music with a certain tempo.  So sharing music with your pet is probably good for both of you.


Pets undoubtedly help us lead more fulfilled lives – and, especially during the last difficult 18 months, they have been a great comfort to many people – particularly those who live alone.

baby rabbit

Animals may not be able to talk but they do communicate with expressions and most love being stroked which is a calming experience for all.

I doubt dogs understand yoga and they can be a real distraction if you want to meditate seriously but meditation can take many forms and just sitting comfortably listening to music curled up with a pet can be a really relaxing experience – like closing your eyes and listening to a cat purring – it’s a different kind of stress relief!



Animals often make us laugh – laughter is great for getting rid of negative emotions – and of course dogs need exercise which is good for all sorts of reasons.

Sharing music with your furry friends can be a really relaxing and calming experience.

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