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Meditation – Sunshine


Meditation -Sunshine

Sunshine cheers us up – but just being outside – whatever the weather – is beneficial.  Fresh air, the wind in your hair, a fresh breeze on your face, sunbeams, watching the clouds race across the sky, birdsong, sunlight filtering through the trees, leaves trembling in the breeze.

Sunrise, watching as the morning mist disappears and the dawn chorus awakens the world – first a blackbird – mellow, liquid notes floating across the fields, wet with morning dew, then a robin sings, soon joined by the chattering of the sparrows and finches.   The sun peeps over the horizon and, as it rises, begins to warm the world again, touching hedges and flowers with tendrils of light.


And sunset as the day wanes and daytime creatures get ready for sleep, geese flying in formation to a safe place to rest for the night, and the evening awakes the nightlife;  bats darting to and fro chasing insects, an owl hoots and swoops, a silhouette across the sky, colours changing as the light fades and the shadows deepen, heralding a good day tomorrow.


Meditating in the sunshine has a special meaning, the warmth of the sun adds another dimension – as does music – it helps settle the mind and aids relaxation.

Even sitting in a sunny spot with the sun shining through the window gives us a good feeling.


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